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Build your own starter web page within minutes of registering your domain name.  You can build a one page website for your group, sports team, or even use it as a starter page while you are working on a more advanced page.  For example, you can build a page for your sports team and update it as often as you like for the upcoming practice or game schedule (here's an example of a 1 page free site for a sports team SlidellMagic.com). There's a space for an email, a custom photo, and a link to another page.  You can even set up your domain name to catch and forward all emails to your own personal email address with our free email forwarding service.

We made this example page, 1PageWebs.com, just to demonstrate how simple it is to use this FREE feature and get your page started.  Here's how to get started:

1) Select a domain name.  Enter a name into the search box, and let our new Advanced Smart Search utility help you find the right domain name.  If you need further assistance, try our short article, The Seven Steps to Finding a Great Domain Name.

2) After registering your domain name, Log in to your account with the user name and password that you received when you made your first order.  Under the Web sites drop-down menu, select and click the  "Starter & For Sale web pages" option.  Then Click "Set up Starter Web Page."

3)  Follow the Design Wizard's  graphical menu through these five steps:1) Introduction, 2) category 3) template, 4) images, and 5) content.

It can take a few minutes for your domain name to be registered, but once you are able to log in and access your starter page, you'll be able to see the results immediately.


Start your search for a Great Domain Name.



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